Anna Marie Nova (Secosan: Aлn Maзe Noya) is the ruler of Wakshi. She is the third of Christine Nova's children.

Anna Nova's lifeEdit

Early life (5046-5048, age 0-3)Edit

Anna Nova was born during the Republic era. Most of her early life was spent in Gonoko, Wakshi. 

Childhood to early teens (5048-5058, ages 3-13)Edit

Anna Nova attended primary school at the Gonoko Haschestema School for Girls during her preteen years.


Anna Nova is a very social person.

Positive sideEdit

Anna Nova is very nice, loving, caring and a good impression to others (not to Shazira). Anna Nova is very good at video games and likes to play video games in her spare time. Also, she and Cesar get along well. Also, she gets along well with friends.

Negative sideEdit

Anna Nova can be rude sometimes, especially at Shazira. She constantly yells, screams and rants at Shazira until she either cries, whines or complains. However, when Shazira is in danger, Anna Nova acts as her protector, and actually loves Shazira enough that she actually cares for her, even though when she talks to other people, Anna Nova claims that she hates Shazira. She has a reputation inside the family as being a terrible parent, as well as not being able to protect Maebon when she is in danger. She hates losing in video games. Also, Anna Nova is very dishonest to other people and the Novas do not like that, especially the fact she has a drug addiction.

Relationships with othersEdit



Anna and Cesar are good friends, even though they don't see each other anymore.

Ilibanew ParwoldonEdit

She and Ilibanew have maintained a good friendship ever since she first met Ilibanew during the Capitalia Coup.


Shazira S. LentoboEdit

Shazira and Anna Nova are enemies for life, even though Shazira is Anna's daughter. Anna Nova is famous for her catchphrase "SHAZIRA!". She uses it when Shazira does something she can't be doing.


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