Astrella Lebeña "Azalea" Chabella, common name Azalea Chabella, is a Secosan actress, singer and the leader of The Ladies of Hanshe.

Azalea's lifeEdit


Being the leader of the Ladies of Hanshe, Azalea's personality is often seen as stereotypical of a spoiled brat.

Positive sideEdit

Azalea is very nice to the other Ladies, and often she sees them as special and kind-spirited. She often rewards her friends with special things. Since Azalea's family is the richest of the others, Azalea and her fellow Ladies are able to do stuff together all because Azalea has alot of money.

Negative sideEdit

Azalea is a spoiled brat. She is very spoiled, so spoiled that she bosses the others around (especially Haseña, often telling her what to do only for Haseña not to do it). Azalea often abuses her leadership skills and often gets mad if she doesn't get her way. Being the richest of the Ladies, she is very snobbish and often picky about what she wants to do in her life.



Azalea is the oldest child of Sheshena (mother) and Dowtiwitza (father) Chabella. They were both actors in the entertainment industry. Sheshena met Dowtiwitza met each other while attending the Solsoña Acting Academy. They fell in love and immediately got married days after graduating from the academy. Azalea gets along with her parents. She has a sister, Isabella. She and Isabella get along together. However, her family tends to have a rivalry with Imilia's family, as her parents don't get along with Imilia's parents; they also object to Azalea being a spoiled brat.


Azalea has a boyfriend, named Doznelizmo Hanzolgo. He and Azalea love each other, though Doznel's parents object to him having a relationship with an actress. They plan to marry next year, in 5121 (2020). Azalea and Doznel have loving relations. They have also dated numerous times. She and Doznel met each other during a taping of one of Azalea's shows on Secosan TV. Doznel describes Azalea, in an interview on HTV, as "my dream girl!"

As for Haseña, they don't get along well and often she makes fun of her, causing them to have a tense rivalry. Haseña often has to clean up Azalea's messes, and she has to do all of Azalea's work for her. This makes Haseña look bad.

Marina, Imilia and Pokkiki have positive relationships with Azalea, and she really likes them. They often thank Azalea for all of their dreams and riches, and appreciate that they get to live a middle-class life, as they were raised as poor kids (especially Imilia, who was born into a family whose parents were struggling financially).


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