Bella Marie Nova (Secosan:Baзппa Maзiз Noya) is the oldest child of Crystal Nova. She is very tall, just like her mother.

Bella's lifeEdit

Birth and early childhoodEdit

Bella Nova was born on 5059:17:3, at the then-new Ridgeport Hospital in Warthon. That hospital had just opened two months earlier and eventually the rest of her generation would be born here. Bella was raised in Ridgeport, which at the time was a peninsula. However, when she was three years old, Crystal Nova was sent to Ice Land because she participated in a raid of the NP offices in Warthon. She and two others were jailed and because of that, Bella was put in government care.


Bella's childhood was dominated by government care from age 3 to age 7. However, in 5067 (when she was 8 years old), Crystal Nova was returned to Warthon after she was rescued from Ice Land by Maebon. One of the first things she did was she reunited with Bella. Crystal was in tears of joy when she reunited with Bella.

School lifeEdit

Bella was an excellent school student. She was a child when Maebon Nova was pushing Christine Nova out of power. She didn't really care about the movement. She had a perfect academic performance, with a GPA of 4.5 by the time she graduated from high school. 


Positive sideEdit

Bella is very nice.

Negative sideEdit

Bella's negative side is rarely seen, but she is very mischevious.


  • Bella Nova is the oldest of the Generation 3 Novas (being 57 years old).
  • Bella Nova had to be orphaned when Crystal was sentenced to live in Ice Land.
  • Bella Nova is the youngest Nova to be born under the Secosan Republic. Starting with Elisabeth Nova, the rest of her generation (and every subsequent generation) would be born in the Secosa Supernova era.
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