Charistina Orissa Lettena "Charolette" Saxon of Mulberry Heights (common name Charolette Saxon) is the head of Omega Corporation, and she is the main antagonist of the Nova Secosa series following Shazira's death. She is one of the richest, most powerful and influential figures in the Secosa Supernova, and is the main rival of the Nova family. She is married to Edward Saxon and they have eleven children: Horeñi (oldest), Elliana, Glena, Jose, Charolitaa, Hannah, Esmina, Shavinicha, Motrollon, John, and Wendi (youngest).


Positive sideEdit

Charolette is rich and wealthy.

Negative sideEdit

Charolette herselfEdit

Charolette often misbehaves in public and always brags and boasts others about her wealth. She is very greedy. Even though she is wealthy, she spends her money in an unfair and dishonest way; she uses her billions to fund scams, bribe the police when she breaks the law, and even going as far as funding human trafficking operations. Also, she never takes responsibility for her actions; for example, when a passing satellite took pictures of Omega's top-secret headquarters, she blamed it on NASA "for not telling their scientists to shut up," and personally held the scientist that designed the satellite. She and her children tried to cover up the incident, even going to the U.S. government to state that nothing happened.

Her childrenEdit

Her daughter Horeñi is very rude and she almost always cusses at other people, and as a result, Charolette uses her to silence people that criticize Omega's decisions. One time, when Horeñi was pulled over by police for DUI in 5119, she offered a ฿10,000 bribe to the officer, but he didn't take it and Horeñi was arrested. Also, Horeñi is very abusive to her employees, even going as far as threatening to endanger them if they don't obey Horeñi's orders.

Charolitaa may seem that she's a good innocent person, but she's not. She and her brother Jose are in a sexual relationship (an act called incest, a crime punishable by death in the Secosa Supernova). The criminal couple do everything they can to cover up this fact. Also she's not a very nice person within the company.

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