This page will show the history of ruling monarchs through Secosan history.


  • Pre-4654 dates will use the Old Secosan Calendar, which had 12 months. Dates after 4654 use the current Secosan Calendar. Question marks in the date mean that exact birthday is unknown as of 5117.


Pre-Daroudo Settlement eraEdit

Gender Formal Name Reign* Birth Date* Death Date* (age at death) Notable event during reign
Male Loban Nova 4206 - 4248 4157:?:? 4248:3:14 (age 91)
Female Lily James Warthon Nova 4248 - 4252 4201:?:? 4252:6:13 (age 51)
Male Christopher H. Nova 4252 - 4300 4217:3:3 4323:11:3 (age 106)

Daroudo Settlement (4300-4495)Edit

Gender Formal Name Reign Birth Date Death Date (age at death) Notable event during reign
Male Christopher H. Nova 4300 - 4323 4217:3:3 4323:11:3 (age 106)
Male Marrison Nova 4323 - 4350 4301:2:17 4350:5:11 (age 49)
Female Miranda "Cosmica" Nova 4350 - 4396 4327:10:14 4396:4:30 (age 69) She is responsible for conquering the entire Daroudo continent.
Male Johnathan Panras "John" Nova 4396-4426 4362:1:28 4426:7:14 (age 64) The Panras continents were named after this Secosan king.
Male Rohin Wemer Nova 4426-4495 4400:11:24 4495:12:27 (age 95)

This king named their home planet Secosa.

He starts a colony in the Shevina Islands. The settlement is founded by Shevina Donga "Sheva" Alsha, who names the continent after him.

Secosan Settlement (4495-4654)Edit

Gender Formal Name Reign Birth Date Death Date (age at death) Notable event during reign
Female Marie de Annabella "Mariabella" Nova I 4495 - 4562 4478:2:11 4562:11:13 (age 84)

Mariabelle Nova was named after this Secosan queen. Establishment of Secosan Settlement

  • Conquest of Alsha and northern Panras
  • Exploration of Wakshi
Male Robin Nova I 4562-4654 4547:3:17 4654:2:13 (age 92)

Creation of Ashkar Territory He conquers the rest of Alsha. Ronald Hanshe explores Hanshe and names the land after him, and claims the territory for the Secosans. A Tedogan settlement on the continent is eventually invaded by Hanshe and his troops.

First industrialization of Secosa

Secosan Territories (4654-4964)Edit

This is the longest era of Secosan history, lasting almost 314 years.

Gender Formal Name Reign Birth Date Death Date (age at death) Notable event during reign
Female Marie de Annabella Nova II 4654-4699

4623:6:13 (OS)

4622:18:13 (NS)

4699:18:30 (age 76)

Industrialization of Secosan Territories.

Imilia S. Linnias explores an unknown landmass near Ice Land (then unnamed) and names the land after her, then claims the land for the Secosans.

Pophalan interior is annexed, giving the Secosans access to vast sources of maebontium.

Male Robin Nova II 4700-4712 4686:12:13 4712:15:24 (age 26)

Beginning of Nova family-Parwoldon family relationship, as he meets Luila Parwoldon. He marries her and she gives birth to the next ruler, Chumja Hongde Nova. Conquers the Pophalac Republic. The people (esp. catgirls) in the Pophalac Republic perish in large numbers due to the spread of Secosan disease, effectively wiping out almost all of them except one race (the poor and isolated Parwuldoni), who would eventually dominate Pophalan Continent.

First radio station, QTA-RD Warthon, is established during his reign. He dies three months after QTA's launch for getting cat's leukemia during mating.

Male Chumga Hongde Nova-Parwoldon 4712-4737 4699:18:13 4737:6:13 (age 38) Marries Lulia's niece, Mewlalina Parwoldon, and she gives birth to Hank Nova.
Male Hank Nova 4737-4774 4711:13:7 4775:14:2 (age 64)

Territorial dispute forms between Secosa and Papawena near the Chobenum river, leading to the Secosa-Papawena War. The Secosans win the war, annexing not just the river but all of Papawena.

Marries Mewlalina's younger sister, Mariniya Parwoldon, and she gives birth to Joanna Nova I, a catgirl.

Female Joanna Nova I 4774-4778 4754:13:8 4811:4:13 (age 57)

The only catgirl Queen in Secosan history. Never again will the Parwoldon family ever be involved in the Secosan government for another 300 years, when Ilibanew Parwoldon becomes Commander of the United Galaxies.

She has the third-shortest reign in Secosan history, being in power for only four years.

Early in her reign, the Tedogans form a colony in Turis.

The first Secosan monarch to resign from the throne.

Female Joanna Nova II 4778:13:9-4778:13:27 4759:14:5

4778:13:27 (age 18)

Shortest reign in Secosan history. She dies almost three weeks after she gets the throne. However, she dies escaping inside a mine in Wakshi during the Great Mine Tragedy of 4778; she fell into an abyss while escaping. It had become a myth for hundreds of years. Then, in 5097, during the filming of "The Lost Queen", the production crew stumbled into what presumed to be a dead body of a naked red-haired woman (Secosan bodies can last hundreds of years thanks to Aphroditian skin mods). The media was called to this discovery. However, DNA tests, forensic tests and anthropologists studied the body and confirmed that this woman was Joanna Nova II.
Male Robin Nova III 4778 - 4813 4776:1:13 4837:11:28 (age 61)

Youngest Secosan leader to start his reign, as he was only two years old. This decision was controversial, because the Secosan people did not want a toddler to rule the country. For the first fifteen years, power was transferred over to the Territorial Ministers, who ruled the continents. This system was disbanded until Robin III was old enough to rule on his own.

He bans the Parwoldon family from marrying a Nova family member in 4809, because the previous Kings had married Parwoldon family members and were getting catgirls' DNA. Maebon Nova has never attempted to do anything about this ban, and as a result, this ban is still in effect in 5117.

Female Miranda "Shenizera" Nova II 4813-4849 4794:11:6 4859:11:23 (age 65)

Shenizera Nova is named after this Secosan queen.

Last Aphroditian-speaking leader of the Secosan people. She changes the official language of the Nova family from Secosan to English; however, most Secosans had English as their main language. Because the ruling Nova family spoke Aphroditian as their first language, the Secosan government had to translate their speeches to English. Because of this, Miranda II decided to learn English and her successors spoke English as their primary language.

Annexes a few islands during her reign.

Male Loban Nova III 4849-4901 4811:10:17 4901:17:14 (age 90)

The Harean Queen of the era, Ny'mo'yysk'iyus'juia'ja, invades the Secosan Territories, starting the First Intergalactic War, which occurs during the last two years of his reign. He is killed as the Harean Army burns down Warthon.

Male Robin Nova IV 4901-4964 4878:12:11 5067:11:6 (age 189)

Third-longest lived person in Secosan history.

Robin IV moves Secosan capital to Ashkar during the invasion of Warthon. He stays in Ashkar until the end of the war. The Secosans begin increasing their strength of the Army and Navy. Eventually they take back Warthon, Weton and the other cities and kick the Hareans out with a Secosan victory.

First time Secosans are involved in space with the launch of a missle into space.

He launched a massive campaign to rebuild Warthon-Bartholomew and most Secosan cities. Warthon goes from a war-torn walled city to a major city of 20 million people within 10 years. It becomes the largest city in the Secosan Territories.

Beginning of Secosan population boom.

Weton is rebuilt as a major harbor city. It becomes the industrial hub of the country. Population during era: 1.5 million.

Pophalan City is rebuilt as a major world-class resort city. It becomes popular with its architecture, which becomes completely unique.

Although Ashkar was never damaged by Hares, it gets rebuilt anyway. It becomes a small city of just 250,000, as most of its population, which was 2.3 million before the war, moves to the big cities.

New Pripyat becomes a major manufacturing hub. Population during era: 720,000.

He invades Turis following a border dispute between the Secosans and Tedogans. He eventually annexes the land.

Shanbar is founded and becomes home to 100,000.

Corruption rises in the government, the economy, and society, and in 4939, Secosans face the worst economic crisis in its history. 42.3 million people lose their jobs, and by 4941, that number rose to 49.6 million. The Secosan population at the time was 749 million, and started a 30-year period of decline so bad that even the Novas and Parwoldons became very poor, living on only Bh. 5,000 per day. As a result, they were unable to send anyone to settle Turis.

The Daroudo Broadcasting System is launched during the era, introducing television to the Secosan people.

People went on strike against Robin IV and hated him. He is overthrown in 4964. Despite this, he lived all the way until 5067, when he dies of pancreatic cancer.

Second worst dictator in Secosan history during the economic crisis. He is responsible for the deaths of 55.3 million people.

Secosan Republic (4964-5063)Edit

Gender Formal Name Reign Birth Date Death Date Notable events during reign
Male Robin Nova V 4965-4966 4913:11:7 4966:3:27 (age 53)

Declares the Secosan Republic during his coronation. However, the Novas were not very popular during the era, as the legacy of Robin Nova IV was still in the minds of the people.

Secosan reformist and Communist Hayna Larriyis, Jr. assassinates him during a speech in Warthon.

Male Donderison Christopher "Darki" Nova 4966-5000 4938:4:17 5019:13:4 (age 81)

Darki Nova reforms the government to its current system. Initially unpopular with the public, he restores confidence in the monarchy during his coronation by announcing economic reforms in the country, turning the economy from a capitalist economy to a command economy. He takes control of industries to give jobs to people. However, in 4997, the Second Intergalactic War takes place on the Panras continent. The Hareans claimed responsibility of the SIW. He dies of drowning in 5019.

Asnes City, as well as the continent of Asnes, is founded during his rule.

His most significant contribution was his aggressive push to get the Secosan people to settle in outer space. He created the Star Force, the settlement of the Three Moons, the first Secosan starships and rockets, and the Galactic Alliance, later to be replaced with the United Galaxies.

The most recent Secosan monarch who is male. The next four monarchs are all female.


HRMDD Henrietta Iaime-Santiagum "Harme" Nova 5000-5019 4977:14:29 5112:14:6 (age 135)

Harme takes over after Darki resigns due to his deteriorating health. Privatises the Novas' monopoly on industry. First current corporations arise. Annexes the Tedogan Republic at the end of the Second Intergalactic War.

Launches rebuilding campaign on Panras continent.

Marries Honimaro Santiago in 5003 and gives birth to Christine Nova. She also gives birth to Enta Nova and Mestevina Mosulen (née Nova).

In the last year of her reign, a series of major earthquakes shake Northern Daroudo, killing 159 people and injuring 2,000 people. The quakes, as well as the subsequent burning of the city, leaves 123,000 people homeless (35% of the city's population at the time), and becomes one of the worst natural disasters in Secosan history. As she was unable to deal with the situation, she abdicates and passes the throne to her daughter Christine (who was 13 years old at the time!).

Female HRMDD Christina Santiaga "Christine" Nova 5019-5063 5006:14:1 Alive

Worst dictator in Secosan history. She is responsible for the deaths of 127 million people during her reign.

Christine instates the Purple Policy.

Marries Wonso Iaime-Santiago and gives birth to three children, Crystal, Maebon and Anna, in 5029, 5039 and 5045 respectively.

Annexes Ice Land in 5028.

Declares martial law in 5046.

From 5046 to 5063, the Secosan Republic becomes unstable and violence increases significantly due to Christine's decisions. This causes Christine Nova to develop a bad reputation. Revolts, violent demonstrations, strikes and wars develop across the Secosan Republic, led by Maebon Nova during her teenage and college years.

Crystal Nova marries Kent H. Jonabo and gives birth to her first daughter, Bella Nova, in 5059.

Maebon Nova forms Consulus Populum in 5057, during her senior year at Central Warthon High School.

Coup d'etat is attempted by Maebon Nova and CP in 5063, causing the disbanding of the Secosan Republic. However, it backfires and the Secosa Supernova is formed two days later.

Secosa Supernova (5063-present)Edit

Gender Formal Name Reign Birth Date Death Date Notable events during reign
Female HRMDD Christina Santiaga "Christine" Nova 5063-5071 5006:14:1 Alive

Christine cracks down Maebon Nova's coup attempt, and wants to sentence Maebon to life in prison. However, the court decides to release Maebon, stating "you are a bad mother, Christine."

In response to the release, the Nationalist Party revolts against this decision, claiming that "the courts are stupid" and that "Maebon?! More like Mal-bon". CP did not like this trash-talk and Maebon decided to respond. She became an activist and wanted to remove Christine from power.

In 5065, Maebon Nova and CP followers, with help from former NP members who defected due to Christine's decision, decides to ram tanks into the headquarters of the Nationalist Party. The plan called for 50 tanks to ram the tanks in, exit the building and bomb the building. On 5065:5:11, the plan goes.... and fails. The bomb triggered 5 hours after the tank ramming, and people screamed and ran for their lives. As a result, thousands of NP members defected and joined Maebon Nova, angering Christine even more. It opened a fatal hole in Christine's aggressive regime. Most positions were lost to CP, and NP's administration had joined CP. As a result, NP's administration remained empty until 5073. By 5067, there were only 530 members in the Nationalist Party. Later that year, SBS and Radio Secosa were taken over by Christine and aired pro-Nationalistic propaganda by stating "Maebon can't shut ME down!"

In 5068, Maebon's friend Carla Parwoldon had announced that she would be having a baby. This angered millions of Secosans who were supporting the NP and wanted to revolt. This was the first time that a catgirl would be involved in the revolution. She became an activist as well and decided to join Maebon and CP. The CP supported Carla joining them and she would have a baby named Ilibanew on 8:13. Two weeks later, Christine and the remaining NP members decided to plot a plan to kill the newborn Ilibanew. However, CP had decoded what was being planned and Carla took Ilibanew to Wakshi and stayed there for two months. Maebon and CP went with her and stayed in Wakshi. Anna Nova had recently became Queen of Wakshi and was opening the Ashkar Business District. Back in Weton, Christine successfully bombs Carla's house. But Ilibanew is alive. In Wakshi. Christine Nova tells all SBS viewers that Ilibanew Parwoldon is dead. But it was not true. CP sent a telegram to SBS that Ilibanew is alive. However, that broadcast was censored.

By 5070, only 11 members remained at NP. It became a minority party because there weren't enough members to make it a major party. CP now had 25,000 members and became a major party, with over 2.5 million followers. However, Christine still ruled the Secosa Supernova.

On 5070:16:8, tanks rammed into the gates of Christine Nova's estate and hundreds of armed guards, soldiers, helicopters and police SWAT cars showed up immediately after that. Gunshots were fired into the windows and she hid under her sheets. Thousands of armed soldiers then raided the estate, knocked the doors down, ran into her bedroom and uncovered the sheets. Christine was held hostage by Maebon Nova and CP. She was arrested and taken to the Warthon Psycological Hospital for Mentally Insane Criminals, where she was ordered to hold an election the next spring between her children. She must decide within one hour. If Christine said no, she would be executed by lethal injection. Christine said "Yes. I'll hold the [goddamn] election [next spring]. Let me go [out] RIGHT NOW! YOU DON'T UNDERST----"

She was tased as she was taken to her cell.

Next spring, in 5071, the aforementioned election took place between Crystal, Anna and Maebon. Maebon Nova wins with 11 million votes, ending Christine Nova's 52-year reign.

Female Maebon Elisabeth "Maebon" Nova 5071-5117:6:17 5039:4:27 Alive

Maebon Nova took the throne with a significant positive following. She initially couldn't get things together in the first few years of her reign. She went deep in debt, causing the Secosan economy to stagnate and leading her to declare bankruptcy.

The Intergalactic Games, the Secosan equivalent to the Olympics, were created during her reign.

She created the Nova Moon Colony. This would eventually become the Utopia Republic in 5085.

Married Odeola Roldefo "Odeon" Santiago in 5072 and gave birth to six children: Elisabeth, Osenerille, Mariabelle, Shenizera, Aseneyes and Rebouka.

In 5080, Elisabeth was kidnapped by two catgirls, Simena and Sirena Esemiga, who were recently fired from the Royal Guard due to going AWOL. They fled to Earth to escape Secosan authorities, who were looking for them in an intergalactic manhunt. She was confined on Earth for 16 years, when the Utopian government finally located them. Simena and Sirena Esemiga were arrested and sent to prison, while Elisabeth was set free.

In 5090, Anna Nova gives birth to Shazira and four other children.

In high school, Shazira became addicted to drugs, causing her to get mentally insane. Her behavior leads to her expulsion from school, and her subsequent defection from the Secosa Supernova to start her own regime, the Lentobian Empire.

In 5114:10, the Lentobo Empire invaded the Utopia Republic. The Utopian leader, Bella Dannoyra, was kidnapped and was held hostage by the Lentobian regime. Maebon orders Shazira to let go of her, but she refused.

In late 5116, Maebon was sued by the people of Orbis for tearing up their homelands as well as human rights abuses in Orbis. As a result, she was suspended and eventually removed from power. This would lead to the Warthon riots.

Female Osaenerille Elisabeth "Osenerille" Nova 5117:6:18-present 5080:8:17 Alive

The only queen in Secosan history who is single. As a result, Maebon will be her consort until Osenerille gets married.

Four months into her reign (5117:11), the Warthon riots took place. The Warthon riots was started by loyal followers of Maebon Nova who organized a massive protest in the Government District in Warthon. However, Osenerille, stating that they were creating chaos, ordered the Civilian Police Service to evacuate the district. However, they were overwhelmed by the incoming protesters and soon deployed the military, who opened fire at the protesters. This created chaos and martial law was declared. The riots occured for three days.

Eventually, Osenerille decided to introduce democratic reforms in the country. She would allow Secosans to vote for the Prime Minister, starting in 5121.

She legalized LGBT rights for Secosans, in the form of the Cerulean Policy, which will legalize LGBT relationships, increase work and job oppurtunities for LGBT Secosans. It was passed by the Secosan Shibil 17-1 on 5118:16:1.

Osenerille made the persecution of LGBT and feminist groups illegal, a common issue during Maebon's reign.

Line of Succession (as of 5119:13)Edit

  1. Osenerille Nova, Queen of the Secosa Supernova (current)
  2. Benna Nova, daughter of Osenerille Nova
  3. Oldronetaa Nova, Princess of the Secosa Supernova
  4. Mariabelle Nova
  5. Shenizera Nova
  6. Descena Nova
  7. Aseneyes Nova
  8. Tarisa Nova
  9. Seynora Nova
  10. Rebouka Nova
  11. Ness Nova
  12. Ashley Nova
  13. Lilly Nova
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