Destruction of DeathStar X
Vital statistics
Deaths Secosans:
Survivors Secosans:
Date 5115:4:16 (Utopia Republic)

5115:10:23 (Secosa Supernova)

Location Solar System, Milky Way
Causes Shazira's invasion of Abesto; Shenizera's injury; Secosans and Utopians losing the war.

Effects Utopia becomes a ally state with the Secosa Supernova; Secosa, Utopia and its allies win the war; Victory Day is created to honor this event.
Side 1 Secosa Supernova and Utopia Republic:

Maebon Nova
Reyna Dannoyra
Bella Dannoyra

Side 2 Lentobo Empire and its allies & territories:

Shazira S. Lentobo
Mr. Valentine

Chronology of Secosa Wars
Preceded by Shazira's invasion of Abesto
Succeeded by Shazira being sentenced to prison

In April 5115, DeathStar X was annihilated by the Secosans using Project Supernova. 


In the Secosa Wars Episode XIV, the Secosans and Utopians were losing the war because Shenizera hurt her foot while charging against the Lentobians. Maebon Nova was worried her nation would lose the war if the tide did not turn around. She turned to Project Supernova, consisting of an electric ball that is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction the Secosans have ever made. She spent B.200,000,000,000 developing the weapon. It had been in development for 250 years, but it was never tested once due to the destructive power of the electric ball. If Maebon used the ball to destroy DeathStar X, the war would be over because Shazira's base of operations would be no more. But there was a problem: she had only one shot at firing the ball; if she fails, the war would have lasted much longer and Shazira could have won the war.


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