Marie Elisabeth Nova commonly known as Elisabeth Nova, is the Commander-in-chief of the Secosan Air & Star Force of the Secosa Supernova. She is the oldest child of Maebon Nova. Like Mariabelle, she has a daughter, Oldronetaa.

Elisabeth's lifeEdit

Early lifeEdit

Elisabeth was born in 5078:7:2 at Ristow Hospital in Warthon.

Maebon Nova's visit to the Nova Moon ColonyEdit

In 5080:3 (1979:3 in the NMC), Maebon Nova visited the Nova Moon Colony and brought Elisabeth with her. She visited the colony to set up plans for the building of Abesto. Her friend Annabella Dannoyra (then a college student) was there and there was a ceremony to welcome her. However, two catgirls, Simena and Sirena Esemiga, who had been fired from the Royal Guard, in a spite of revenge decided to kidnap her and took her away to Earth to escape the Secosan authorities. As a result, Elisabeth was forced to grow up on Earth until the Secosan government could retrieve the three girls.
Simena and sirena esemiga render

Elisabeth's kidnappers, Simena (left) and Sirena (right) Esemiga.

5080-5094 (1979-1993): Growing up on EarthEdit

Elisabeth initally didn't like Earth; the roads were dirty, the air smells and disease was everywhere. Since Simena and Sirena crashed their starplane in the San Fernando Valley (specifically, at the intersection of Strathern Street and Reseda Blvd), they broke into a bank in Northridge to obtain money to take care of Elisabeth.

5094:6 (June 1993): DiscoveryEdit

Elisabeth was already 14 years old and a 9th grade middle school student when the Utopian government set up the EPRS (Earth Penetrating Radar System) to find her. The Utopian government found her attending school at Sutter Middle School hanging out with friends. The Utopian government sent Moltres Donslow and Libensi Pareña to find her, and she was seen at the Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge. The Utopian agents caught Elisabeth there and she was sent to Abesto.


Positive sideEdit

Negative sideEdit

Elisabeth gets in fights with Mariabelle and often they copy each other.


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