Stella Edivamicha "Estrella" Pesenteña is a Secosan supermodel, actress and fashion designer, and the newest member of the Ladies of Hanshe.

Estrella's lifeEdit


Nothing much is known about Estrella's childhood. Her parents were originally from the Eastern Kapabocana Islands, where they spent their lives in the fishing industry. They moved to Rinemie to start a fishing market, but they sold it to have children. Estrella is the second of their three children.

Teen yearsEdit

Estrella ran away from her parents by taking a boat to Daroudo continent. However, she was unable to buy a boat ticket because she was too young. Instead, she smuggled herself onto the cargo compartment of the HMSS Rinemie. She reportedly went five days without food and got seasick. Eventually, she was found at the port of Weton, where she remained until she could find work.

Early adult lifeEdit

Estrella worked two jobs in Weton: a restaurant waitress and a customer service representative, before she was given an opportunity to work as a model for a Secosan men's magazine called Erotia. She accepted, and quit her two jobs to work there. She worked for four years (5105 to 5109) at Erotia.

Erotia yearsEdit

At Erotia, she starred in a couple of Erotia's films and TV series before she eventually had her very first photoshoot. It was for a company called Shapiro Fashions, a fashion label from Warthon. Shapiro really liked her looks, and she was given a 15-year contract to represent the company. She loved it, and quit Erotia (at this point she was exploited for her beauty) and joined Shapiro.


Estrella's personality of the beauty-queen type.

Positive sideEdit

Estrella is very nice. She is keen to take opportunites whenever she finds them, and she is a good role model for her fans.

Negative sideEdit

Estrella, just like Azalea, is a spoiled brat. She always acts entitled, and she only seems to care about her looks and not the looks of others. She is also incondiserate of others, only caring about herself and not others. Also, she's shy.

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