Basquieno Habenara "Haseña" Renabilo, common name Haseña Renabilo, is the second-oldest member of The Ladies of Hanshe. She is a ronder (a rookie) of the Secosan Weather Forces for the Hanshe Region.

Haseña's lifeEdit


Positive sideEdit

Haseña is very talented and she posseses a lot of skills, including gardening and being a very good gamer. Another skill she has is the ability to control weather, though she isn't as skilled at that as Mariabelle.

Negative sideEdit

Haseña is autistic, and often she is made fun of that by other Secosans. Also, she easily gets angry, and often rages when she doesn't get her way. Azalea constantly tells Haseña what to do all the time and she doesn't obey her, causing her to punish her for not doing the work.



Haseña is the second-oldest of the 11 children of Qhabisa (mother) and Ernesto Renabilo (father). She rarely gets in touch with her family, as her parents divorced and her siblings moved on and now live in various parts of the Secosa Supernova.


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