Hilibanius Iuliua Parwoldon, common name Ilibanew Parwoldon, is the head of the United Galaxies, an organization that protects and defends the entire universe. In her inner circles, she is referred to as "The Commander." She was an architect before she was Commander. She is married to famous Secosan corporate investor Martin Hamsoldum and they have six children: Astana, Eston, Chilin, Meowska, Brianna and Estegeña.

Ilibanew's lifeEdit



Ilibanew Parwoldon is a catgirl of Pophalac race. She is unusually tall for a catgirl, and has large cat ears. As a result, she has a hard time wearing hats and dresses. She has long mahogany hair with two twins at the back. Her tail is very long (about half of her height!) and she doesn't like wearing accessories on it. She prefers to wear casual clothes, such as sleeveless shirts and shorts. Jeans are not her preference, but she wears them sometimes. Ilibanew loves to wear revealing outfits, especially if she wants to seduce someone into dating her.


Ilibanew Parwoldon has a personality unparalleled to most Secosans. Her voice is a faux British accent mixed with a Daroudian and light Pophalac dialect. and other people see this as a sign of her beauty. 

Positive sideEdit

Ilibanew is very well behaved. She is very smart and graduated from college with a Master's degree. When she is bullied by the others, Ilibanew stands up for herself and is impressed at the end.  She prefers saying "nyah" over saying "meow," like most Secosan Pophalacs. 

Negative sideEdit

Ilibanew is very strict and often talks to her officers very sternly. Initially, she did not like to show her real identity (she is often shown as a computer screen; she talks into a microphone located in a hidden room) because she is a beautiful woman and as a result, she didn't want to get any stares. Now, she likes to show herself and the other guards like having her around (some officers have a crush on her). Ilibanew hates losing in video games. Also, she is very perverted; she loves to seduce men and boys and she does not want anyone to know about that. She calls that her womanly personality and hates it when she talks about it. Also, she always wants to right about everything, and throws a tantrum when another person says she is wrong.


Ilibanew gets along well with many people.


Ilibanew and Martin get along well. Her husband, Martin Parwoldon-Hamsoldum, rarely sees her. Although they rarely see each other (because both of their workplaces are far from home), they still regularly contact each other and often talk to each other in long video sessions with the family. 

Her familyEdit

Ilibanew rarely sees her own six children (they all grew up except Estegeña). The family claims that ever since Ilibanew was assigned to work for the Secosan Government, they really miss her and wishes she would come back. Ilibanew and her personal family live in Mullberry Heights in a very large mansion.


Ilibanew and Carla Parwoldon don't like each other. Carla didn't like the fact that Ilibanew chose not to follow in her footsteps as an activist for cat rights. She accuses Martin of being "a gold digger" for Ilibanew.

Nova familyEdit

Ilibanew gets along very well with the Nova family, especially Anna Nova, Maebon Nova, and Mariabelle Nova, even though the Nova family hates Mariabelle. She frequently visits the Nova family and likes to hang out with them, even though she is a catgirl.



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