Imilia Castrabeña "Imilia" Shashiña, common name Imilia Shashina, is the oldest member of the Ladies of Hanshe.

Imilia's lifeEdit


Positive sideEdit

Imilia is very nice. Being a musician, she often performs music (mostly violin) in public and often gets paid for it. She is also very talented, excelling in painting and writing. Although her parents, as well as Azalea object to this, but she loves to secretly stream herself playing video games.

Negative sideEdit

Imilia regularly smokes cigarettes. Because of this, she gets in trouble for smoking. Also, she has a rebellious attitude towards other Secosans (a side effect of growing up in a dysfunctional family who sold cigars).



Her family is extremely strict. Imilia and her family never got along with each other and as a result, she ran away when she was 16 years old. Her parents, Shobela Shashiña (mother) and Pondago Shashiño (father), continue to run the family cigar business in Rinemie, despite many attempts by the continental government to shut it down. Imilia has two twin sisters, Amillia and Emiliaa; both are about the same age. They don't get along and think that Imilia is a bad influence on the family. When Imilia returned home to Rinemie for Christmas, her parents immediately ordered her to burn all the clothing that they didn't like. When Azalea told Imilia's family that that's the style nowadays, Shobela shut her up. This proves that her family can't handle criticism.


Imilia has a lot of friends, also including the Ladies of Hanshe. She gets along well with the Novas, even though they live so far away. Her dream is to be in the Warthon Symphony Orchestra. Well, that's what her parents wanted her to do.


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