Lentobo flag

The flag of the Lentobo Empire, with Shazira's empblem.

For the current nation ruled by Shazira, see Capitalia One, also called the Second Lentobo Empire.

The Lentobo Empire was a country on DeathStar X. The supreme leader of the country is Shazira S. Lentobo; at age 23, she is the youngest Secosan national leader. When DeathStar X was destroyed by the Secosans, the empire was destroyed with it.



In 5106, Shazira was failing high school and she got in trouble when she bullied a 9th grade student at Ridgeport High School. Anna Nova was not happy with Shazira when she was failing school, so she ordered the school to "Get that person out of that school!".

The country was created when Shazira left the Secosa Supernova at age 16. By 5110 she had organized an empire on Star X called the Lentobo Empire. After the Lentobo Revolution of 5111, Shazira's empire had claimed all of Star X with the capital in Capitalia.

Rise to power: 5112-5113 (Episode I-III)Edit

Episode I: The Wars BeginEdit

In the summer of 5112, Shazira invaded Indus and the planet's ruler, Christopher Irimus, was taken hostage by the Lentobian Army. The Deathship had claimed the capital of Whistleton and executed most of its citizens.

Episode II: Indus is Invaded!Edit

By the fall of the same year, Indus fell to Lentobian hands. Next planet the country invaded was Joden, a moon of Indus.

Episode III: Introducing DeathStar XEdit

After invading the Indus system, the Lentobians needed a new weapon that would annihilate planets in one hit. By early 5113, the country built DeathStar X, the largest weapon the Lentobians have ever built.

Destruction of Aphrodite (Episode IV-VI)Edit

Episode IV: Aphrodite.... DESTROYED!Edit

The newly-built DeathStar X had a superlaser that could destroy anything in its path. Shazira wanted to test the laser on an Earth-like planet called Aphrodite, a tropical planet in the GC-11 system. The Nova family hears about the news and tries to get on DeathStar X, but is arrested in the process. The laser fires on the planet, killing all living creatures and destroying the whole planet.

Episode V: The Secosan ShockwaveEdit

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Invasion of Terran (Episode VII-X)Edit

The Secosa Wars (Episode XI-XIV)Edit

On Christmas Day in 5114, the Lentobo Empire had been spotted in Northern Wakshi. There were reports that an atomic bomb hit the northern part of the island. It was true and as a result it started the Secosan Wars.

DeathStar X's destruction and Collapse (End of Episode XIV)Edit

By Episode XIV, the Lentobo Empire had six million troops and a large army and navy. When Shazira hears about Project Supernova, she goes against it.  When Project Supernova is fired at DeathStar X, it blows up in a massive explosion, causing Shazira to get severe burns in her body and Capitalia to be obliterated. The Secosans won the war and the Lentobo Empire was folded.

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