Marie de la Shebeña "Marina" Casabevaña, common name Marina Casabevaña, is a Secosan entrepreneur, and a member of the Ladies of Hanshe.

Marina's lifeEdit


Marina's personality is stereotypical of the hacker-programmer type.

Positive sideEdit

Marina is very good at programming. She is capable of hacking, coding and repairing computers. However, she's a white hat hacker. Personality wise, she is nice, kind and caregiving.

Negative sideEdit

Marina is very insensitive and easily gets angry. Also, she is sexually inactive, and she isn't willing to lose her virginity. She often suffers from burnout and always gets stressed. Because she never seems to take regular breaks while working on her projects, she often suffers from sleep deprivation and when she does sleep, she often sleeps only two to three hours.

Relationships with othersEdit

Azalea and the other Ladies of HansheEdit

Marina and the other Ladies rarely see each other. Since Marina regularly works in Rena Marina and the Ladies live in Hanshe, Marina doesn't have the time to travel to Hanshe to see them. However, when Marina does travel to Hanshe (usually during the summer of the year), they get along very well, with Marina mainly getting along with Azalea, Haseña, and Imilia. She and Pokkiki do not like each other. Marina often accuses Pokkiki of being very dirty, and often Marina would often clean up after her.


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