Omega is a Secosan conglomerate based in Central Pophalan, just outside Calandia City. It is run by Charolette Saxon and her family.


In 4989, Darki Nova, the King of the Secosan Republic, was thinking about ending their state monopoly on industry. His eldest child, Harme Nova, was thinking about privatising the factories in Qutanasa. With nobody willing to buy the factory, this plan didn't go as intended. In 4992, Richard Saxon, the grandfather of Charolette Saxon, decided to buy the factory for 500 million bharnee.


Omega is divided into many different sectors.

Omega PropertiesEdit

The largest division of the company, they own various properties throughout the Secosa Supernova. Their most valuable asset is a piece of land they own in the Pophalan Desert, just outside Calandia City. This building is their corporate headquarters, and it is top-secret.

Omega PicturesEdit

The second-largest film studio in the Secosa Supernova, they produce and distribute films.

Omega Internet ServicesEdit

The division of Omega who operates websites and apps on the INTERWEB. They own Forum, a social media site akin to Facebook, as well as Tokin (Secosan Twitter), Mogg (Secosan WeChat or Whatsapp), and Watchit (Secosan YouTube).

Omega AirlinesEdit

Omega's low-cost airline. They fly planes all over the Secosa Supernova, and is a major competitor to Aerocosa, the national airline.

Omega MotorsEdit

Omega's auto manufacturing business. They mostly produce luxury vehicles.


Omega owns this department store chain that is mostly found in northern Pophalan and southern Alsha.

Omega EnergiesEdit

Omega's energy division.

Omega ElectronicsEdit

They mostly produce semiconductors for computer systems.

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