Osaenerille Elisabeth Nova, common name Osenerille Nova (Secosan:Ocгaзпaзрille Noya) is the second child of Maebon Nova and current ruling queen of the Secosa Supernova. She is the techie of the family. She has three children: Benna Nova, Ashley Nova and Lilly Nova. Her specialty is Technical, therefore she likes technology and knows well about it. Unlike her siblings, she gets along well with Mariabelle and often team up together.

Osenerille's lifeEdit

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Positive sideEdit

Osenerille likes computers and play around with computers.

Negative sideEdit

Osenerille does not get along well with Mariabelle. She is evil.


  • Osenerille is the only one of Maebon's children to have more than one child.
  • Osenerille is the only one of Maebon's children that is mature. Possibly, she could be the next Queen of the Secosa Supernova!


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