Pochikikiña Lisina "Pokkiki" Miranimew, common name Pokkiki Parwoldon is the wife of Eston Parwoldon, the oldest son of Ilibanew Parwoldon.

Pokkiki's lifeEdit


Her mother, Chakinikew Miranimew, was one of the engineers behind the Solsoña Dam, one of the Secosa Supernova's biggest hydroelectric dams. Her father, Damsew Miranimew, worked for the Omega Aviary, killing and distributing insects to make and sell lipstique.

Early lifeEdit

Pokkiki grew up in Woskenea Province in north-western Hanshe. She was the youngest of the four children of Chakinikew and Damsew Miranimew.

Military serviceEdit

Pokkiki dropped out of high school to fight in the Secosa Wars. She served in the Star Force for five years. She joined the Star Force just before Shazira invaded America. Pokkiki was stationed at the Kosen Star Base No.11 in northern Linnias when Shazira invaded northern Wakshi. Her division, the 784th Star Force, was deployed to the Utopia Republic later in the war when Shazira invaded the Utopia Republic. In her fourth year of service (5116), she was promoted to colonel. She led her division in the Capitalia Coup, and subsequently, the Gameworld Wars. Pokkiki was disciplined, courageous, and brave. She left the military service as a 4th Class Colonel, Division VII (Hanshe) and 4 stars on her badge. She was offered a chance to join the Feline Fighters (the Secosan equivalent to the Blue Angels), but she turned it down.

Supermodel lifeEdit

In late 5118, Pokkiki decided to become a freelance supermodel for various companies. So far she has only worked for one firm, the ECS Fashion firm in Rinemie, Hanshe, as a casual model. However, she didn't do a very good job and she hasn't worked since due to companies thinking she's not a good model.


Positive sideEdit

Pokkiki is very flirty. She and Eston love each other. Also she is very nice.

Negative sideEdit

Pokkiki is lazy. She tends to sleep a lot and as a result, she dozes off during work, which leads to her getting in trouble.



Pokkiki rarely sees her family. She met Ilibanew's family while serving for the Secosan military and fell in love with Eston, which led to her marrying him. Eston left his family for Pokkiki, and he and Pokkiki regularly see his family.


She and Eston get along with the Ladies of Hanshe, and Eston lives with them.

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