Raymena Nerrastora Terrana Parwoldon, common name Ray Nerra Terra Parwoldon, is the third child of Carla Parwoldon.


Rey Nerra Terra Parwoldon is a catgirl with a sassy personality. Being Ilibanew and Anna Mae's younger sister, she loves hanging out with the two. Her specialty is Nature, meaning she LOVES the outdoors. Because of this, she handles the Weather Division of the United Galaxies.


Positive sideEdit

Ray Nerra Terra is very nice. She enjoys life and likes to show her spirit, is confident, and talks in a cute voice. While being a catgirl, she LOVES hanging out with boys, and likes being in boys' clubs. As a result, Ray Nerra Terra is a tomboy. Also, she likes to play video games, and is very tech savvy. Even though Ray Nerra Terra is a very sassy person, she has many problems to deal with.

Negative sideEdit

Ray Nerra Terra has many physical and mental problems. She is irresponsible, lazy, and sits down with bad posture. She gets in arguments, fights, and rants, especially with her boyfriend Matthew Devon, who has a criminal record, but claims to like her. Worst of all, Ray Nerra Terra does not like her job being forced to work at United Galaxies, something her sister does not want to hear. Also, she is getting obese, and she will get very sick if she gains too much weight. Anna Mae often nags her not to gain too much weight, but she ignores her. Ray Nerra Terra does not maintain her health correctly, and as a result, she often gets in trouble for not maintaining proper health; she does not brush her teeth, shower, groom her hair or put on deoderant, and when she does do it, she doesn't do it often. Not having proper hygiene, let alone having behavior issues and being very lazy not only makes Ray Nerra Terra a sassy person, but also a very lazy and really crazy person both in public and in her own private life.


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