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|title = Rebouka Santiago Nova
|title = Rebouka Santiago Nova
|image = <gallery>
|image = <gallery>
rebouka_nova_full_2020.png|Nova 2020
rebouka_nova_full.png|Nova 2019
rebouka_nova_full.png|Nova 2019
Rebouka_nova_2018.png|Nova 2018
Rebouka_nova_2018.png|Nova 2018

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The current Rebouka Nova (born Sarah Rebouka Santiago Nova, Secosan: Saзah Raзouka Saзego Noya) is Maebon's youngest and most spoiled daughter. She is the former ruler of Ice Land.

Rebouka's life

As Rebouka Nova

Rebouka Nova was born in 5099 in Warthon.

As Rebouka "Clone" Nova

After the original died in 5113, the government decided to bring back Rebouka Nova. It was done two weeks prior to Rebouka I's death, and as a result the clone acts exactly like the Original, except she was never the same, according to Maebon Nova.


Positive side

Rebouka is very active and she is very smart. She is very nice and has many friends. 

Negative side

Rebouka has mood swings. She hates being called names, and gets angry VERY easily if she gets called names, especially "hot blonde girl." Because of this problem, she has a bad anger problem and can't control herself when she gets mad.


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