Reyna Dannoyra is one of Annabella Dannoyra's nine children. 

Reyna's lifeEdit

Early lifeEdit

Reyna Dannoyra was born as Reyna Elima Caucensa, on April 17, 1992 in Tianin, Silverio World, to parents Michael Caucensa and Diana Caucensa. Reyna's parents were wealthy and owned a stake in Silverio World's then-largest corporation, Delta. She was taken care of by relatives and friends, including her babysitter Runa.


Reyna Caucensa grew up in a massive mansion in the outskirts of Tianin. As a child, she was a spoiled brat, wanting to get everything she wanted her way but her parents don't want to buy her anything.

Teen lifeEdit

As a teenager, Reyna Caucensa was becoming a problem child. She repeatedly missed school due to being lured in by boys, calling her many sexual names and thinking she was a hot girl. Reyna, faced with this problem, decided to run away at age 15. Her parents were worried sick and called Orthopadera Social Services. They never found her. 

After Reyna ran away, she worked as a prostitute in order to make some quick money. (Teenage prostitutes are rampant in Silverio World.) During this career, she got in trouble and arrested many times, and took drugs to support herself. Thinking about commiting suicide, she hitchhiked across Silverio World to get to Haundrea. In Haundrea, Reyna met Annabella Dannoyra and decided to move to the Utopia Republic. Annabella told her that she wants Reyna to do some quick errands for her. Little did she know that she would become part of a program set up by the Utopian government for adoption of Earth children. As a result, she quit prostitution and drugs and moved to the Secosa Supernova and stayed there for two years to finish high school. She made lots of friends in the Secosa Supernova and liked it there. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for Reyna to live there, since she didn't have the money to support herself there. 


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