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Secosan News for August 2019 (5120:6-5120:7)

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The American film "Moana" becomes a hit in the Seocsa Supernova

BREAKING NEWS: Shazira S. Lentobo Nova commits suicide, dies at 27; funeral will be held in Ashkar. More coverage will be published as time passes.

Next Intergalactic Games to take place in Nyanimew, not New Capitalia following Secosan annexation of Gameworld BREAKING NEWS: Osenerille Nova becomes Queen of the Secosa Supernova Tarisa Nova Crystal Nova's hair is starting to turn platinum blonde Nova Land Abesto opens Intergalactic Positioning Secosan National Anime Cat-Girl Hunt ends Smartphones are a growing trend right now

Ilibanew launches TV network for United Galaxies; it's called United Galaxies Media

Boys' soccer team in Thailand rescued from cave Secosan singer releases new album titled "Rebo"; sparks plagiarism controversy He's on the computer...
Maebon Nova's followers sad over Osenerille's rule BREAKING NEWS: Secosa Supernova to participate at the 2018 Metroworld-Brokenhall Games DJ Electriya BREAKING NEWS: Oldronetaa to be crowned Princess of the Secosa Supernova following the 2018 Pnka games Annabella Parworldon is going to eat dinner at Utopia's new restaurant: The Chez Cornon Novas' new ThinOnes leaked onto the internet in Silverio World; Maebon Nova is shocked and cries when she finds out about the leak Ilibanew Parwoldon's new photos were leaked onto Silverish internet Viva La Oldro is popular France wins the 2018 FIFA World Cup ...playing Cities: Skylines...
BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at MidCity High school kills 22 people and injures 14 BREAKING NEWS: Secosan women's football team eliminated from the Pnka 2018 Games following loss from the Sunivachi's womens' team 2-0 First McDonald's opens in Weton; long lines inside the restaurant, but the drive-thru is empty! It's the 3rd McDonald's in the Secosa Supernova Osenerille Nova to become Queen if Maebon is found guilty of abusing anime catgirls and game characters living in Orbis Osenerille Nova and Bella Dannoyra meet in Abesto to discuss Maebon's suspension; Bella isn't happy Smartphones have been legalized in the Secosa Supernova; but with strict limitations, however Open Oppurtunities to be revived for a new series; show to air at the end of the year (5118:16) Seperation of families at U.S.-Mexico border creates public outrage ...and watching videos on YouTube!

Featured Article for August 2019 - ANNA NOVA

Anna Marie Nova (Secosan:Aлn Maзe Noya) is the ruler of Wakshi. She is the third of Christine Nova's children.

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Secosan National Anthem - Proud and Strong and Free!

Secosan National Anthem - Proud and Strong and Free!

SCT News - Startup

SCT News - Startup

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