Marie Katherine "Shenizæra" Nova, common name Shenizera Nova, is the fourth child of Maebon Nova. She is the smart girl in the family. She has one child, Kittarina Nova.

Shenizera's lifeEdit

Shenizera was born in 5090 at Warthon Royal Hospital. At the age of 2 she travelled with Maebon on a visit to Hares to meet the Harean queen. However, she got lost and Maebon left without her. At age 7 Shenizera was returned to the Secosa Supernova after miners found her in a cave 25 Na south of Gran Terran. Shenizera did very well in school and got a PhD in computer science and engineering and a degree in teaching.


Positive sideEdit

Shenizera is very smart. Shenizera has a good personality and gets along well with the other Novas except Mariabelle. She is just as smart as Osenerille and is very good at flying even though she has not flown recently due to her injured leg. She has very high intelligence and usually she does well at teaching. Even though she is very good at teaching on Terran, she is not a teacher in the Secosa Supernova. Although Shenizera can read very well, her only problem is that she can't write because she is used to typing.

Negative sideEdit

Shenizera, even though she has nice looks and she's very intelligent, has a dark side like the others. She often gets in fights with Mariabelle, and often wants Maebon to evict Mariabelle from the family (Mariabelle tried to kill her by stomping on her injured leg). She likes to make weapons with destructive power (she made Quiet Shockwave, a weapon that when shot, it looks harmless; but when the gun is perpendicular to the bomb, it sends a powerful, dangerous and lethal shockwave powerful enough to knock down walls, buildings and anything in its way and simultaneously leaves the subject holding the gun unaffected!) and likes to play criminal and cause mischief.

Relationship with othersEdit


Elisabeth NovaEdit

Shenizera and Elisabeth get along well.

Mariabelle NovaEdit

Shenizera and Mariabelle are enemies, and often get in fights because she often blames her when Shenizera does something bad.


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