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Tarisa and electriya have fun! copyright.png| Tarisa and DJ Electrya in 5119.
tarisa's_night_at_the_club_copyright.png| Tarisa working as a DJ.
tarisa's_night_at_the_club_copyright.png| Tarisa working as a DJ.

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Tarisiaña Omenevia "Tarisa" Nova, common name Tarisa Nova, is the youngest child of Anna Nova.

Tarisa's life

Early life

Tarisa was born on 5096:4:13 at the Royal Ashkar Hospital in Inner Ashkar. Because the city was split into two at the time, Tarisa spent her early life in a war-torn environment. (Ramzi's invasion of Ashkar happened five years earlier) Fearing that she would be killed by the folk in Outer Ashkar, she was sent to Earth by the Secosan government for her own safety.

Growing up in Haundrea

From the late 5090s to mid 5110s, she spent her life in Haundrea, Soldina. 


Tarisa Nova has a mixed personality. Her specialty is Mischief, which means she really likes to fool around and prank people.

Positive side

Tarisa likes to have fun.

Negative side

Though Tarisa may seem to be a good person, she's not. She is a very mischevious and chaotic woman, and often gets in trouble due to her actions. She is a prankster, and she always wants things her way and has no consideration for others. Sometimes, she does bad things, and unlike another bad Secosan, she gets away with it without any punishment whatsoever. She is also a liar. One time, she actually got arrested for trying to scam a Secosan supermodel for 50,000 bharnee. As a result, though she has a good reputation outside of the Nova family, deep in her heart, she is a mischevious, mean-spirited thief who really doesn't care about others.


Disguise Form

Tarisa likes to wear disguises to conceal her real appearance. This is called Disguise Form.

Starball Spinner

Tarisa is a very competitive Starball player. Unlike other Secosan starballs, she uses her phone to move her starball.

Relationships with others

Shazira S. Lentobo Nova

Tarisa and Shazira are hostile to each other and are enemies.


  • Tarisa is the youngest Nova to speak with the Wakshi accent. Crystal and Maebon lost theirs when they moved to Warthon, Shazira lost hers when she defected from the Secosa Supernova, and her older sister Christina commited suicide.
  • Youngest Nova to be born in Ashkar.
  • Tarisa does not like wearing high-heels, unlike the rest of the Novas.
  • Tarisa is going to be the next Ruler of Wakshi when Anna Nova retires.
  • Tarisa Nova's birth was not broadcast on Secosan television (due to Ramzi the Dictator's "military" occupation of Wakshi), making her the only Nova since Darki Nova to not have a birth video.


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