Flag of Weton

Flag of Weton


The newest rendition of Weton.

Weton Metropolitan City (Secosan:Wзчoг Cniч Weton City) is a city in the fictional universe of the Secosa Supernova. The city was founded in 4648 by settlers in the Parwoldon Arms Force for the site of a new base camp. Weton is the third largest city in the Secosa Supernova, the other two being Warthon and Bartholomew. The city is a major economic center for seafaring and has a good reputation for being the Secosa's top tourist destinations. Nova Land Weton, the largest theme park in the city, is located here.

Television StationsEdit


Network Description
2 SCT One Most popular TV network in the city.
3 SCT Two
4 SCT Learn
6 Secosa 1
8 OldroTV

SCT Three

17 Secosa 2
22 History Holostreams
24 MeWantFood TV
31 WTV
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