Yaiba Dannoyra is the youngest sister in the Dannoyra family.

Yaiba's lifeEdit

Yaiba was born in 1998 in Abesto.


Yaiba is a very active and outgoing person, but like the other Dannoyra sisters, she is often pushed about by Annabella Dannoyra.

Positive sideEdit

Yaiba is a very nice person. She likes to paint and draw.

Negative sideEdit

Yaiba is bossed around and dictated by the older Dannoyra sisters and she does not like it. Being the youngest, she is not allowed to access the family computer and is constantly bullied and pushed around by students at Utopia High School. Because Diana is the most popular girl at Utopia High, Diana often bosses Yaiba around and she is constantly bossed by the bullies. Teachers boss Yaiba the most compared to the other students and Yaiba hates being bossed around. When she does her Earth studies, she does not encounter this problem. One of her Earth school teachers passed out and collapsed when the kids in her class revealed that Yaiba was a catgirl. Also, she is shy.

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