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Year 5116 is a year in the Secosan Calendar that began on a Saturday. Many influential events took place this year.

Top storyEdit



  • 1:14 — Secosa Wars: Shazira reportedly escapes from the ASC after her defeat during the destruction of DeathStar X.


  • 2:12 - 2:15 — A groping incident affecting four female athletes on the Secosan swim team takes place just weeks prior to the Intergalactic Games.
  • 2:27 — Technical rehearsals for the Intergalactic Games begin on Sports Island Aphrodite.


  • 3:1 - 4:2 — The Intergalactic Games take place in Sports Island, Aphrodite.
  • 3:3 — Secosa Wars; Intergalactic Games: Shazira is caught cheating in the Games and is disqualified.
  • 3:7 — Secosa Wars: Shazira is caught hacking Virtual Golf at the Games.
  • 3:8 — Secosa Wars: Whilst fleeing to Hanming, Shazira crashes her Deathship into Lanzhoulai Peak (Linming) in Hanming, indirectly starting the Lentobo invasion of Hanming. She is severely injured and is taken to Lankouchen, where she would eventually begin her occupation of the country.
  • 3:9 - 3:11 — Secosa Wars: The Lentobo Empire invades and annexes Hanming.
  • 3:13 — The Nova family decides to go to Hanming to rescue Empress Qi.
  • 3:18 — The Nova family arrives in Hanming, but are detained by Shazira.
  • 3:24 — Two weeks after Shazira's occupation of Hanming begins, a grassroots resistance movement begins in Hanming, resisting occupation.
  • 3:25 — Crystal Nova pings the United Galaxies to help Hanming, allowing them to intervene.


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